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Bring Light and Colour to Your Home with Custom Exterior LED Strip Lighting


Every parent of a teenager or young adult will tell you: children grow up quickly, and the magical years go by before you know it. If you have young children, you’ll want to do your best to give them a childhood that’s as enchanting as possible.


One of the most magical times of the year for all of us is the holiday season, with its bright lights twinkling in the dark of winter evenings. But in today’s busy world – especially if you have young children -- it can be tough to find the time and energy necessary to put up a light display. When you hang conventional holiday lights, you have to climb a ladder in the cold and ice, deal with burnt-out bulbs and tangled light strings, and hunt down knotted extension cords…only to do the whole thing in reverse a week or two later. But you do it, in order to see the delighted look in the eyes of your children, and all the children of the neighbourhood.


What if you could create the magic much more easily, and use the time you’d spend up a shaky ladder making holiday memories with your kids? And what if you could have the joy of these lights available to use on other special occasions throughout the year? Custom exterior strip lighting may be the perfect choice for your family.


Permanent LED Lights


Custom exterior strip lighting can be professionally installed on your home at a very reasonable price. You can choose the placement, and the types of lighting system you want. These lights are extremely durable and long-lasting, with an average life of approximately twenty years. Better systems come with a five-year warranty. These systems rarely malfunction, but if they do, any repairs necessary are simple.


Another advantage of LED strip lighting is that it’s very cost-effective. LED lights operate on a lower voltage than incandescent lights, and use approximately 80 - 90% less energy. They don’t heat up like traditional bulbs, and they are far more environmentally friendly. They can be recycled cleanly after use, as they don’t contain toxic gases.


When you want beautiful lighting, all you have to do is push a button on a remote, or use a smartphone app.


Light Up Your Life


Traditional strings of light give you a lovely effect…but permanent custom exterior strip lighting will give you the ability to create hundreds of bright, colourful, amazing effects! These lights are very bright and clear, and you can change colours and patterns quickly and easily. Make them twinkle and chase red and green for an hour, then change to blinking blue and white. Create any type of holiday look for your home in seconds.


And why wait for the holiday season? When you have permanent lights, no one will know they’re there unless you want them to notice them, but you will be able to use them whenever you like. For Halloween, make your house a spooky orange! For Canada Day, flash red and white. For birthdays, light up with the honoree’s favourite colours and show the guests the way to the party.


We all need a little magic in our lives. Give your family that extra sparkle for any occasion with custom exterior LED strip lighting!